About Us

Malama Pono Ltd.

Malama Pono was formed in 1999, by founder Don Love for the purpose of acquiring the trademark rights of Duke Kahanamoku from the various entities that had been using portions of the trademark rights in varied but perhaps unconnected activities.

We embarked on the path to passionately pursue the collection and management of the vast amount of materials evidencing the amazing life and times of Duke Kahanamoku.

These efforts involved a very lengthy journey spanning 10 years of navigation through the legal system to consolidate the rights and in the spirit of aloha, respecting all of the various entities along the way.

We are now in a position to clearly communicate the messages that can resonate from the presentation of Duke Kahanamoku and what he stood for in the context of the times and what we can take from that going forward. Duke Kahanamoku means many wonderful things to many wonderful people.

The company name was purposely chosen to sum up our ethos and our intent. Malama means to care for, tend to, or protect, and Pono means to do so completely, properly, and carefully.

Until next time take care.